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All Natural Eco Friendly Organic Dog Chews

Here at Rivertown Rottweilers we want the best for your Rottweiler's as well.  What has become the biggest question customers ask here is: What can I give my Rottweiler to chew that they can not destroy or get tired of? Believe me I have dealt with that for years myself.  I would buy those huge cow bones that were loud, messy, splinter and smell bad. I thought those big black Kong toys would be my answer. They were too big for the puppies and the adult dogs would go through them as I was cleaning behind them.

I bought a piece of Elk Antler that was a good size chunk. The guy I had bought it from was very big on it and told me it would be the last chew toy I would buy for any one of my Rottweilers. I thought to myself that was a very bold statement! He has no idea! Well, I still have that exact same piece of deer antler today. This will be a breakthrough for you as it was and has been for us.  It is extremely durable and lasts from puppyhood through adult and even longer than that without splintering or hurting their mouth. These are our babies, our life and we want the very best for them.

The puppies laid off my furniture even through youth stages for that piece of Elk Antler and was always satisfied and quiet and I did not have to monitor their playtime  with this chew as closely as the other chews in the past and the biggest thing they were safe, happy, satisfied and quiet. These chews do not come from an Elk farm where they inject antibiotics or steroids like they do at cattle farms and in other chews. These chews are all Natural and a very durable chew that is fun and safe with no messy clean up like the bones and chews that splinter.

Those rawhide bones get soft right away and are very unsafe for your pets and have been known to choke them  especially if left unattended. Nyla Bone was always getting nasty and picky so I would not touch it  after a while. I would keep spending money on several different chews and kept trying new things to no avail. I was unhappy as they would get tired of the Nyla Bones and Kong toys. They loved the cow bones, but they were gone in a day or two and would smell up the house. 

This product it titally organic and eco friendly. They have no odor whatsoever nor are they messy in anyway or do they splinter leaving unwanted fragments. Along with being gluten free and not retaining any antibiotics they also are free of any preservatives. I had researched this product and found them to have more nutrients like Protein, Calcium and Phosphorus. What I liked most about these chews was that my Rottweiler's never got tired of them and was always their chew of choice.

                    these chews are safe and will not choke your beloved pet.  We really love these chews and just like are Rottweilers we guarantee it. We think it will be the best eco friendly chew your Rottweiler ever had because the durability of this chew is like no other.  They are made right here in the United States and are the perfect size for puppies as they grow into adults. We feel you will be astonished on how much they desire these. They get quiet and into that chew instead of your table legs and furnitur. Please inquire within as we have some in stock.

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