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To err is human; to forgive, canine.


Love is a four-legged word.

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About Us

Here at Rivertown Rottweilers our family is dedicated towards providing you with a high quality puppy, but above all healthy, well socialized along with physical & mental soundness. We have selectively chosen our dogs from the best European/German blood lines that exist today.  When purchasing a puppy, you want to make sure there are no heredity health issues and that you are getting a puppy with massive bone structure, huge blocky head with the temperament for show, working or for the most amazing companion you ever had.  

We are located at the top of the Mitt in Northern Michigan. 

We are eagerly looking forward to answering any questions you may have and gaining your trust. We want to thank you for your interest in Rivertown Rottweilers.
Jeff & Milenka Marshall